Wedding Albums

I enjoy every moment of a wedding ceremony and it is this excitement that you will see reflected in every frame that I capture. Every frame comes from my heart and reflects the romantic and luxurious mood of the event.

Also, I use my observation of the wedding to represent it in a unique way, capturing the special factor that sets it apart from any other wedding. With the inputs and stories shared by the family members we create that uniqueness that will be cherished by generations to come.

The final design of the album would depend on your preferences and if you want a coffee table album or a simplistic contemporary album, we design it accordingly. With the best quality leathers, silk or buckram and print paper we prepare it with care so that you feel its speciality whenever you turn its pages.

Italian Storybook Wedding Album

After capturing your special day, now it is time to preserve this beautiful memory for you to cherish in years to come. You can select the images to be uploaded and we help you to create elegant looking Italian wedding album. We can also help you to choose the photographs so that the album can tell the complete story of the most special day of your life. We provide you wide range of options for album cover style like metal, acrylic, leather, silk etc. to choose from. We take your inputs on the preferences of colours, paper to print on and then our team members use their experience to design a unique album which is as special as you.

We, at Grand Wedding Photos, are confident to present an Italian Storybook album which you are going to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Fine Art Wedding Album

Wedding day is an extremely special day in your life and you will definitely not like the sweet memories to fade away with time. You would also love to share the memories with your family and even with your future generation. A Fine Art wedding album is the only tangible dossier that we present to you to cherish the memories of your big day in rest of your life. We make sure to use best quality material for the cover of the album and the paper to be used for printing.

We, at Grand Wedding Photos, share our experience with you to create the best Fine Art album while making it unique and memorable.